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Welcome to Not Bad Misunderstood, Inc. a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit approved organization.† Iím† so glad you came by to visit with us today.† Allow me to introduce myself, Iím Elizabeth Marie Koller, co-creator of Not Bad Misunderstood, Inc.† My brother lives with Autism and Epilepsy, and is a significant part of my hunger to have my voice heard around the world. After speaking with my parents about my desire to create a foundation to help children and their families that are living with Autism† Spectrum Disorder and Epilepsy.† Not Bad Misunderstood, Inc. was created.†

Our hope is to provide a place where people can come and know they are not alone with there struggles.† If we can get others to understand that the children are not bad they are misunderstood.† Donít judge them if you donít know what they are living with instead get educated and know how they think and what makes them the unique individuals.

The children are not bad they are living with Autism and/or Epilepsy!

Our Mission Statement for Not Bad Misunderstood, Inc. is to raise and allocate funds, educate, advocacy, and bring awareness to the public for the many persons living within the Autism Spectrum Disorders ( ASD ) and Epilepsy so they can achieve their highest potential within their school, community, and home.

Please read the ĎAbout Usí page to learn more about our heritage.


Not Bad Misunderstood, Inc. 501©(3) approved non-profitóSupporting Autism and Epilepsy

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