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Elizabeth  Marie Koller the co-creator of Not Bad Misunderstood, Inc.  


It started as a result of my wanting people to understand how he thinks and what makes him the unique individual he is.   It really upset’s me when people make misjudgments and state that he is bad.  My brother is not bad; he lives with Autism.  I wanted to scream, inside I did, and say.  “He isn’t bad.  He lives with AUTISM”.

The website that you are reading helps to give me my voice to speak out.  It gives me a chance to ask people to support and be informed.
I’ve added some links that I find educational, fun and informative.  If nothing else you will know more about me and what I like, where my spare time goes and how I furthered my own information to help make myself a better sister.

I don't’ know if you have ever used the phrase “Knowledge is Power”.  It is something I’ve heard I think my whole life.  I have a better understanding today as to what this means; it doesn’t have to mean that I am muscular stronger, it means that I am knowledge stronger.  I know things about Autism and Epilepsy that I didn’t know and understand before because I took the time to research, listen and ask questions.  When my brother goes to the doctors for his EEG’s or maybe just a checkup; I'm listening and learning.  He could be  going o the hospital because he has had a seizure.  I’m listening and learning.  I ask questions because it is necessary for me to understand my role as a big sister to better help my brother.

My goal and my hope are that I can better support parents and children understand Autism and Epilepsy.

I hope that one day my voice is heard across the world as I reach out to help educate and support people that live within the Autism Spectrum Disorder and Epilepsy.

This is my brother Anthony Koller.  He lives with Autism and Epilepsy.

Text Box: Don’t judge.  Get educated!

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Welcome to my website!  I’m  so glad you came by to visit with us today.  Allow me to introduce myself and my brother.  I’m Elizabeth Marie Koller, co-creator of Not Bad Misunderstood, Inc.  Anthony is my brother; he lives with Autism and Epilepsy, and a significant part of my hunger to have my voice heard around the world. I spoke to my parents about my desire to create a foundation to help children and their families that are living with Autism  Spectrum Disorder and Epilepsy.  After speaking with my parents, Not Bad Misunderstood, Inc. was created to help children that live with Autism & Epilepsy like my brother Anthony.

Anthony in hospital having a 72 hour video EEG

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