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Text Box: I am Elizabeth Koller, co-creator of Not Bad Misunderstood, Inc.  I am now 12 years old, I was nine when I approached my parents and told them that I wanted to create a foundation to help parents and children living with Autism and Epilepsy.  I am a published author of the book Invisible, which tells my story of how it felt being the older sister of a brother that has Autism and Epilepsy.  How I was feeling Invisible and the things that happened in our lives that tugged at my heart to try and make a difference. 
I have several hobbies and interests reading is one of my favorite things to do; I also love to play on the trampoline.  I went to volleyball camp this year and totally loved it, I hope I make the team this year.   
I spend a lot of time writing poetry and stories.  I am hopeful that I’ll see them published one day.  I was honored with a Proclamation from the Mayor last year and that was a very exciting moment.  I am being honored gain by the Mayor this year as well.  I’ll post a picture after the ceremony. 
Doing crafts and art work are super fun.  All of the Logo’s that are on my website I created except the butterfly in the upper right hand corner of the website.  You will see it everywhere, I love it.  I tried to draw one myself but I just couldn’t get it to come out the way I saw it in my mind.  I told my Munna, and she happens to knows artists, she told them what I was trying to do and what I wanted.  They created two for me, I loved them both very much so Munna got me both of them.  The globe like picture on my website I created with the idea of me reaching out across the world.  I like to call it “Hands Around the World”.  Autism  and Epilepsy effects people of all ages and race thus the multiple colors.
In the upper left hand side of my website,  you will see a picture of a puzzle piece.  I did this because  Autism is puzzling in many ways.  Not all people living with Autism are effected the same, this is puzzling.  People that are living with Autism have a puzzled mind, not processing things the same as those of us that do not have Autism.  The colors of the puzzle piece again represent that Autism has no favorites, it effects people of all ages and races.

The image of my arm and hand was the first time I did 3D art.  It is a symbol of me reaching out.  My thoughts for this were to extend a helping hand, reach out and help support Autism and Epilepsy.  
The images of the boy under the ‘Hands Around the World’ globe and my 3D arm reaching out are of my little brother, Anthony.  He lives with Autism and Epilepsy everyday of his life.  I think he is a great brother.  He is very funny, you never know what he is going to say or when, he always knows how to make me laugh.  He is very smart about many things, he loves playing on the iPad and he is a very advanced speller.  I think his vocabulary is larger than most adults and he is only 10 years old.  Don’t get me wrong we have our differences, we are after all brother and sister so you know we have a few squabbles here and there but overall he is amazing.  
The picture under my brother on the left are my parents.  Not Bad Misunderstood, Inc. and my being an author would not without my parents believing in me, supporting me and helping me to reach my dreams and aspirations. Their love for my brother and I along with living through the challenges that we did; instilled in all of us the need to help others.  With all that we have been through and learned we know that there is a need to have a place to reach out to and get answers, know you are not alone and find functions where there are others living with similar life issues as you.

Not Bad Misunderstood, Inc. 501©(3) approved non-profit—Supporting Autism and Epilepsy

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