Our heritage is amazing it all started from Elizabeth Koller at the young age of nine. Elizabeth has a brother that has special needs and she wanted to find a way to reach out to everyone and ask people  to please stop judging children by their face value and appearance. If we can get everyone to encouraged one another, extend kindness, offer friendship, learn to have empathy, and perseverance. By living a life of positivity and showing others thru our own examples how to appreciate everyone for what they are and not for our face value and appearance. Her dream is to teach the world that people living with special needs are wonderful, amazing, beautiful fun people.

After talking with her parents and presenting her dreams and aspiration Not Bad MisUnderstood, Inc. was established March 2013.

If we all promote positivity everyday in our life this encourages everyone around us to not judge but get educated. Sometimes just a simple compliment like telling someone that you like their hair, or you really like their shoes, what a beautiful smile you have, how stunning their eyes are, can make all the difference in the all of us not just people with special needs.

We hope that you will join us today in delivering positivity in your life everyday, to everyone, in every situation.

Not Bad MisUnderstood, Inc. (NBMU)

Special Needs

Serving Your Community

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